Commando Plank How To Guide

How to Guide: Commando Plank

Start in a high plank position, come down on your right forearm and then your left, so you're now in a regular plank; from there you're going to push yourself back up on your right side, so your arm is straight and then follow with your left arm, so you're now back on both hands, keep your core engaged and maintain a flat back, during the entire exercise.

Benefits of the Commando Plank

A plank is one of the simplest exercises yet also one of the most effective core exercises. A commando plank is a variation of your standard plank. It doesn’t look difficult but 10-12 reps of Commandos will surely light your core on fire! If regular planks are too easy for you, try challenging yourself with a commando plank. You’ll target your core but also target your shoulders, upper back, legs and glutes all at the same time!